Why are people attracted to religion? Why are they attracted to regular ceremonies, a known collection of texts and prayers, the soothing voice of the minister, the candles, the same building?

Religion promises salvation. Whatever salvation actually is, religion promises it. It has done this, in the Western world, since the Catholic church took over around 300 AD. Long time ago. Lot of habit building has gone on in the collective.

It promises salvation without sacrifice or work. Because God gives the salvation, heaven, comfort, and God is pure love, so salvation is automatic.

So what about the hell mongers? It’s just the other side of the same coin. Promise salvation, flip coin, and in the same breath promise hell fire. In this world all things have dual nature. This cannot be escaped. Hell is an exciting titillating shudder-inducing teaching, which gains all the more sweetness from the fact, no, the knowing, that we, the chosen children of Christ, will one day enter the kingdom of heaven. That is kind of how the patterning and programming of Christianity goes.

So why are people attracted to religion?

It makes them feel special. They don’t have to do anything on a daily basis. It makes them better than others. It promises them, ‘You are in and they are out.’ You can even get a piece of paper that says you’re baptized, that says you now belong to the fold.

Belonging to a religion is like living in a house where the living room has been cleaned, decorated, furnished with no expenses spared. But all the other rooms in the house are a mess. You can’t stay in the living room all the time. You can try, though. You can make believe. You can be seen to be in the living room by others. You spend your life making sure that no one, ever, catches you not being in the living room.

Good luck.

bit30(The stated and intended purpose of this article, according to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Sweden, is to irritate and push you over the edge. If you don’t like reading this, the purpose of this article has been achieved.)

Fear of the dark

There’s a guardian at the entrance to the cave.

card15WildwoodTarotThat guy is really standing there. The text for the card reads, “the guardian challenges those who would enter the cave of ancestral memory without understanding the nature of their known darkness.” That’s a bit of a catch-22 situation. How can you understand your own darkness if you can’t go into the cave to explore it?

I once made a really naïve kind of mistake. It was a group of slightly elderly people and I was going to lead them into a guided meditation. So being my own enthusiastic self I thought as follows: these people are kind of conservative, fixed in their ways, very settled down, and they have stopped exploring life with the fervor they once may have had. Therefore the obvious kind of meditation to do with them would be a journey to lighten the darkness that stops them from living more fully, right? Ha, wrong.         

This is what happened. I instructed them, in the safety of their own imagination, to go into a dark cave and wait there for something they were afraid of to present itself to them. Then they were to observe this thing, and come back. No biggie, I thought. Out of the approximately 15 people there, 3-4 refused to even take part in the meditation, some stolidly refused to speak about it, a few tried to follow the instructions but were unable to direct their mind into the cave, and last remaining few went into the cave but then flew off into all manner of other directions in a chaotic way. Not one person in that group met their fear in the cave.         

I was flabbergasted. I may have been naïve, but still I was flabbergasted. What the fuck is going on with these folks, I thought. Flabbergasted is a great word, it means perplexed and confused in a light-hearted way. You throw up your hands and shake your head.  

Well, maybe the guardian at the entrance to the cave stepped in. For whatever reason, some people cannot or don’t want to or are not interested in exploring the cave of their own darkness. It’s not fear, they don’t even get to the point of fear. It’s a kind of in-advance refusal. Now, this is OK, since freedom is the ground we all stand on.         

Hey, if you don’t want to go into a dark cave and wait there for something that you fear the most, no problem. :) There are other ways of spending an evening :)

At some point we all, without exception, enter the cave and there may be no reason to go there early. Robin Williams entered it the other day. You will too, and so will I.

I do ask one thing: if you’re going to come to any Vibrational Workshop you must be prepared to enter that dark cave. Otherwise you will be wasting your time. There’s a guardian at the entrance to the cave.



So you have the Truth, but… you’re not laughing. What use is that?

It does not matter whether a thing is true or not. The only thing that matters is that it is funny. I try to get this point across to everyone I meet. I just feel it matters a lot that we all get plenty of laughs.

In the words of Jesus from The Jokes of Jesus Christ: “Ask ye not whether a thing be true. Ask ye instead whether it be funny.” And he should know, because he was born from a virgin birth. This came about because his mother could not control her laughter. She had no mirth control.

In the beginning of the Christian scripture, the Holy Wit, it says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and he saw that it was funny.” Similar messages are to be found in other sacred writings, like the Baghavad Giggle, the Tao Te Grin, and the Hilarious Book of the Dead.

Aliens and people on other planets know about this. This is why they fly in UFO’s. Unidentified Funny Objects.


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It strikes me that a thing that stands in the way of manifesting money is the inner voice that says: You must not be selfish.

Whether right or wrong, that message sabotages the attraction of large finances.

Let the voice talk for a bit:

“I cannot be selfish.
I must not be selfish.
It is wrong to be selfish.
God and the universe do not approve of me putting me first.
It is a weakness, a social and moral flaw.
Selfishness is bad.
Selfishness is the root of all the imbalance and evil in the world. Therefore I should not go that way.”

Whether this is true or not doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is that beliefs like this block the flow of money to me.

Clearly these thoughts go back a long time. Unconscious indoctrinations about not always being at the center of the universe. Somewhere along the line I have agreed, out of fear and in submission, that I must not be selfish, or at least not seen to be so.

I have agreed to this. Since this is a universe of attraction, and not of intervention, the only way that I can have arrived at such beliefs is through agreement. But that does mean I likewise have the freedom to recall the agreement, and cancel it. I am in my right to do so at any time. This is guaranteed from/to the divine.


Stockholm workshops: youareanotherme.wordpress.com

The group Tool has a song called Third Eye, with the text,  “Think for yourself, question authority.”

Here’s a shortcut, to save you walking all the way to the White House or Riksdagen (the house of parliament in Stockholm): it’s the inner agreement to accepting an authority that needs to be questioned. Not the authority itself. Think for yourself and question the authority agreement inside.

You can’t question the outer one anyway, and good luck trying. But you can question and even cancel your own acceptance of authority, inside.

How many people feel a tinge of fear when they see a police car drive by? Yes? Some time in our life we were told to respect and listen to the police as an emblem of authority. We were told they could punish us. As children we accepted that as reality.

This acceptance can be revoked. I can cancel it. I cannot cancel the police, and why would I want to anyway? I can cancel the inner agreement which assigns great power over my life to an external institution or group of people.

This is like a cord cutting.

This includes the authority of parents, of Facebook friends, of the neighbors. For the religiously trapped, this also includes the authority assigned to God, Jesus, Mohammed, Brahman, and so on. It is only inside of me that I have at some time accepted that these people or beings have authority over my life.

But they don’t.

They don’t, and I am revoking the agreement right now.



“By entering into resonance with the core of the earth you become more conscious of the earth as a living conscious being. Through this link, you receive a type of energetic-solidity—even in the midst of earth’s increasing chaos.” (Tom Kenyon)

Those words sound good, “energetic-solidity…” Don’t we need that sometimes? A lot of the time? Sounds difficult, though. How do I come into “resonance with the core of the earth?”

But I suspect that happens when I just walk outside among the trees. The trees resonate their life force and share it with each other. I enter that field. In fact, I am in the field right now, seeing trees outside my window.

There are also the pranic tube exercises in the Hathor book. They create a resonance with the earth through becoming increasingly sensitive to the pranic tube in the body energy system. The pranic tube always processes life force, from below and from above, from earth and from the universe. The tube is like a container of energy, but also like a rod or string that can resonate. It resonates at subtle high rates, so it takes some tuning in for most of us.

The magic is that we can actually do that.

Back to the “energetic-solidity…” Feeling a line of power going deep into the mantle does feel very solid. Anchored, stable, strong. Good words, good feelings. No outward control or projection, just an inward sense of stability and a flow of inner strength.

This is good stuff.

If I can do this, so can you.


Vibrational workshops, Stockholm: http://youareanotherme.wordpress.com/


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