By Stephen Muires, Feb 26, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden.
Article originally submitted to www.newchurchperspective.com, but they rejected it for publication. So here it is on my own blog.

In Swedenborg you’ll find hundreds of references to the rather mysterious concept of “the divine human.” This could also be “a divine human,” the Latin allowing for either translation. I remember being sucked in by this concept when I first started reading Swedenborg about 10 years ago, the mysticism of it, the inherent paradox, and the tantalizing non-explanations that Swedenborg came with. The divine human is presented as a very central theological concept, especially in the large book Arcana Coelestia. At the same time it escapes the grasp of the mind, not surprising since it contains two incompatible terms: divine and human.

There is an easy way out. Swedenborg seems to have chosen this way himself, judging by the endless repetitions of the same phrases, language constructs and cross-references when the term divine human is discussed. It’s almost hypnotic, just keep repeating the same set of words and in the end the reader thinks he or she knows what they mean. What is the easy way out of the dilemma? Equating the divine human with Jesus Christ. They’re just synonyms, end of story.

There is only one small problem with this easy way. Actually it’s not so small. If the divine human is Jesus Christ then the life of Jesus on earth, all the healings and teachings, the dialogs and developments, the crucifixion and the resurrection do not make any sense. It would be like saying that the process of life that Jesus went through was a setup, a circus act. Because it would imply that God walked the earth and left it in just as big a mess as before, like a king visiting a slum, accompanied by body guards, throwing some coins to the poor and then quickly leaving again. Fat lot of good that did.

It would also be saying that our lives are a setup and fake. The process of development that is implied in “the divine human” is: the human can become more and more divine. But if Jesus Christ is the only divine human, there would be no development, you lowly human are what you are born to be, and that’s it.

The enlightenment process that Swedenborg calls regeneration can be stated simply. A human being gets born and then develops a union with the divine. Swedenborg emphasizes that this was indeed the case for Jesus. The situation gets muddied by other teachings that imply a divine soul, but then we’re back to the setup, the rigged scenario. So we’ll keep it simple. Divine human means a human develops or awakens in him or herself a part that is divine, and does so in such a way that the two become one.

All of this wouldn’t be such a big mystery if Swedenborg had only focused a bit more on the how, the practical side of this process. But he didn’t. When I was in my first year in theological school I submitted a paper in the first term of the first year that contained the comment, “The writings of Swedenborg leave much to be desired.” I was clobbered by the professor, who pounced on this line and absolutely demanded I take it out. So I took it out, all the while watching my dear professor carefully, because I really thought he’d lost it, gone over the edge and maybe someone should call the men with the white coats. But now, free of the restrictions of theological school, let me state it once more: the writings of Swedenborg leave much to be desired. They don’t tell me how to regenerate. That seems like a critical omission to me.

Now let’s drop all the theological boohah and complications for a moment. If we knew nothing, had no pre-knowledge about the Bible, history, theology, and we heard the words the divine human, what would we hear? Exactly, we would hear: a human being that is divine, that had developed an aspect of divinity. Now why do all the clever intellectual scholars and students of Swedenborg interpret this term in every other way except the obvious one? I don’t know the answer. Maybe they’re stupid, maybe they’re brainwashed, or maybe they’re afraid of the implications.

What are the implications? And what or who is the divine human?

The gospel of John says: “No one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6) A terrible, terrible line in the Bible, as I’m sure you agree. It has been taken to mean that unless you’re a Christian you are doomed. And if you’re not a Christian then it’s alright to kill you. That is not what it means. God forbid.

Nevertheless, let’s assume that Jesus really said these words and let’s assume that they contain truth. Here is how Swedenborg comments:

AC 3441: The joining of a human being to the Divine Himself, called the Father, is effected through the Divine Human, called the Son, and so through the Lord.

Now isn’t that simple? We still don’t know how to do this, but we now know that we’re in the picture. We also know that a human being can be either male or female. Therefore the silliness that permeates the issue of whether to allow women to become priests in certain branches of the New Church, can be dissipated by using a mere 3 or 4 brain cells. For Christ’s sake, it’s 2014, people!

Back to the how? How do we come to the father through Jesus? Swedenborg restates it by saying, we come to the divine through the divine human. The divine human in its obvious and simple meaning is an intrinsic feature of being human, an intrinsic potential that each person has. Jesus was saying, I have something that you also have and you might want to activate it. But clearly a person cannot “have” a divine human, a person can only “be” a divine human. Have is the wrong verb. So again, restating it: Jesus was saying, I am something that you also are, and activating who you are is your divine purpose.

Now that’s a powerful teaching.

Yet, this is exactly the implication that the theologians don’t like. Who is a/the divine human? You are. It’s OK to regard Jesus Christ as special and chosen. But what would happen if everybody, including women, started to see that they had Christ consciousness in them?

God forbid :)

All the enlightened masters of history have somehow given this one message: I am something that you also are, and activating who you are is your divine purpose.



Added footnote April 2014:
There’s the idea that the the infinite and the finite cannot be compared nor mixed. This is a very good example of the hypnotic repeating mechanism. Just write/read/say it often enough and in the end it is believed to be the truth. It is like what we learn in school about oil and water. We all “know” that they don’t mix, right?

Wrong. It just depends on the conditions. “Under standard conditions, hydrocarbons and water do not mix; however, at high temperatures and high pressures near the critical point of water, they freely mix.” Source: http://www.chemistryviews.org/…/Mixing_Water_and_Oil_A….

It is the same with the infinite/divine and the finite/mortal/human.

Or take this approach: so the infinite and the finite cannot join/mix/compare? How do you know? How do you really know? Have you verified it? Have you tried to combine them? What do those words “infinite” and “finite” even mean?

Break it down, and you will find that all we are talking about is a belief that has no basis in experience.

This is for you if you have come to the realization that nothing works.

You can continue to meditate for the next 20 years and you’ll still be stuck. You can continue going to healers and workshops and come home feeling cheated, another promise that wasn’t fulfilled. You are tired of more spiritual bullshit.

You want to break through. You want undeniable and powerful new abilities and confidence. You want to access this love that everyone is talking about.

(This article is a statement about new spiritual directions. Find current implementations on youareanotherme.wordpress.com)

Shields Down a group experience that lasts long enough and is intense enough that you step into a transformational process without shields. At that moment the universe meets you, and your life, beliefs, and being will never be the same.

A group of people meets in a retreat-like setting for 10-14 days. We go through purposeful processes of awakening, self-simplification, and empowerment. Each day will consist of one theme or process that gets repeated in various ways, at various times from various angles. The repetition means you go from fear, to interest, to boredom, to being fed up, and finally to openness.

The openness is the Shields Down stage. You reach a point where all inner barriers and shields are down. That point cannot be reached by just deciding to be open. It cannot be reached without commitment in time and money and willingness to take risks and be challenged.

The Shields Down retreat is sufficiently long and immersive that each participant comes out the other end a changed person, and this change is permanent. It is not meant to be a great experience with lots of good feelings, and then you go home and it all falls apart again. No, it certainly has those good feelings, but also challenges, an overcoming of fear and of yourself. The changes that happen for you are the ones you choose. But they are not just ideas or hopes. They happen for real, because of the environment of the Shields Down process and your own spiritual hunger.

The Shields Down processes do not require belief in any tradition or system.

What processes are we talking about? How does this work?

A great example is the shamanic dismemberment journey or death journey. The day starts early in the morning and ends after sunset. You will go on a dismemberment journey 5-6 times during the day, in different settings. Once as a drum journey, once as a guided meditation, once in ritual enactment, once on your own in an outdoor setting, once in pairing up with someone else, once with detailed instruction, once in the dark. All through the day there are council circles where the journeys are shared. You go through a death process, again and again, until you finally really experience this process. At that moment the shields are down. At that point a new You is for real put together from the pieces of the old You.



List of day processes:
Day of Dismemberment – let the old You die
Day of Relationships – prune and purify relationships
Day of Intrinsic Awareness – be aware of being aware
Day of Reconnection – connect to self, circle and spirit
Day of Belief Systems – throw out the beliefs that don’t serve
Day of Shadows – face your ugly sides
Day of Light – face your light sides
Day of Stories – tell your new life story

Take the risk and reap the reward
Ta risken och dra belöningen

Register your interest with Stephen Muires, muires@yahoo.com
Location: Sweden
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This is a funny comparison, and isn’t it the truth? Fools and babies…

But why is this true? What is it deep down in our genes or racial memory that inclines us to project an Authority somewhere outside of us? Whether it be God, or Science, or the Government?

(Text taken from a workshop by Tom Kenyon, 2013)

This is a historical fact.

Many centuries ago in Tibet there was a woman who was a princess. She actually attained enlightenment. The lamas in the area knew that there was a new light in Tibet, because they could psychically sense it. So they took off on a pilgrimage to this new enlightened being, to pay homage. There was a historian with them, so this is all recorded. When they came to the building where she lived, she came out and they were absolutely appalled and in a state of shock. Because she was not a he, she was a she.

And the head lama said to her: “Now that you have attained enlightenment you may reincarnate as a man.” To which she said: “I shall always, for the eternity of samsara, remain in the form of a woman.”

So she remains to this day in the sambhogakāya (the plane of manifestation) as a goddess figure.


Workshops in Stockholm, 2014:  http://youareanotherme.wordpress.com/

Do you want to be free? Free from what?

Freedom from limitations or freedom in limitations?

This is not a silly question. Mostly we probably think of freedom in the first sense, a liberating from what stands in the way. However, I have often noticed how reducing options, working with limited tools, can enhance my creativity immensely. Working with computer graphics, for example, I am more creative just using a few basic tricks. The moment I start trying advanced techniques the spark of creativity gets killed.

So there truly is freedom in limitation. Would that be true for spiritual development as well? Do we need as many options and techniques as possible in order to move forward in evolution and enlightenment?

Maybe not. Maybe, in some way, many options and techniques can hinder and slow us down.

Freedom in limitation means knowingly accepting a limitation. Not regarding it as bad or a disadvantage, but turning a weakness into a strength, and in fact looking upon the weakness as a strength.

What if every challenge or new life situation causes fear, because you don’t really believe in your own rightness, worth or value? The fear limits what you will allow yourself to do. That’s a limitation to get rid of, right?

No, that sounds reasonable, but no. Nothing is more liberating than coming to a point where you loudly and openly acknowledge that you are afraid. Staring fear straight in the face. Running into the roar of the lions.

In order to think outside the box we have to get inside it first.


Release date: Wednesday, March 12, 2014. (Video 24)
This video is part of a series called “Transmission of Evolutionary States”  Each video stands on its own.

This clip’s evolutionary transmission is about intrinsic awareness.
What the hell is that, you ask !? Yeah, it is subtle, it escapes the boxes of the mind. So I’m just making an attempt here to encircle it with words and with the sound of the Native American flute. Have fun :)

Recorded in the forest, in Sweden.


Video link:  http://youtu.be/awCv1teh8PQ

Check out the Stockholm Vibrational Workshops: http://youareanotherme.wordpress.com/vibrational-workshops/


Another blogger writes about the destruction of the desert landscape in the American Southwest, the issues, the complications, and the love of/from the land that makes this issue heartfelt. Her name is Betsy Perluss:

death-valley05I think of the statement ascribed to Einstein, the solution to a problem can never be found at the level of the problem itself. Fighting the destruction of the forest in Sweden (where I live) or the desert in the Southwest at the level of politics, petitions, agreements, or sabotage, is looking for a solution at the level of the problem. At this level “it is a complicated issue”. That means, forget it, can’t be solved there.

So there’s the dilemma. I want to solve this, but I realize this cannot be solved at the level of the problem. Plenty of problems around,easy to see, easy to argue about, for and against and in the middle.

My stance for now (will change as time unfolds) is that the level of the solution is the level of consciousness, of opening to higher intelligence whilst remaining rooted to the land. If there’s any actual truth to all of the spiritual, shamanic traditions of the world, then action can be taken at the level of the solution and that level may be invisible from the daily life involvement of the problem area.

My Stockholm-based consciousness circles.


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