Ordained, the book

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Updates

The ‘Ordained‘ trilogy is available from: Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

My thoughts or not my thoughts?

Posted: April 8, 2016 in Updates

“How can we tell the difference between human and alien telepathy? To begin with, we must be able to distinguish our own thoughts from those of another human. In telepathic interactions, the initiate must first become sensitized to the difference between his or her own active thought processes and his/her more quiet states of mind. In order to recognize messages from an external source, you must be able to make your mind essentially blank. This state of mind is likened to stilled water, or a dark black screen. As such, we can discern the thoughts of others, which are unlike our own. They are out of character. They have a different internal tenor and may contain information and images entirely new to the receiver. If the initiate can’t still his or her mind, he/she may not be able to make such distinctions.” (George LoBuono – The Alien Mind)

In other words, the person who is unable to still his/her mind is also unable to distinguish influencing thoughts from other people and/or alien intelligences. This is a daily phenomenon. It is not rare. There is no need to postulate a Secret Government that rules the world behind the scenes. Your/our mind is already plugged in.

“You must first become skilled at noting the difference between your subtly and gently inter-dimensioned thoughts, versus your thoughts that have a nearly audio-like verbal character. Some of your thoughts are framed in terms of how they might later be spoken, while others are more complex and may converge from a number of different internal perspectives. Once you see the difference between the two, you will know your own internal tenor. Thoughts communicated by an external source may have a more audiolike, verbal character. They may diverge from your accustomed way of thinking, hence they are out of character. They stand out.” (George LoBuono – The Alien Mind)

In Ordained I tell a story of gradually uncovering/discovering this unearthly influence. It happens in small contexts. It is so ‘normal’ I never noticed it at first.

Ordained – a novel

More than inventing a story

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From the biography of Tolkien, by H. Carpenter:

“He wrote of the tales that make up the book: They arose in my mind as given things. I always had the sense of recording what was already there, somewhere; not of inventing.”


In a city the size of Stockholm (2 million) how many are writing a book or have one finished but unpublished?

My personal guess is: at least 100.

Making the calculation for 7 billion, on the basis of this unfounded guess, brings the number up to 350,000 worldwide.

Think about it: there are that many books being written.

If anything this number is probably low.



Ordained – a novel‘ is self-published through CreateSpace and is currently finding its readers. This will take some time, maybe years.

As a self-published book it has no automatic exposure in places where people look to find reading material (like bookshops). There are no marketing campaigns, no magazine reviews. The outward ripple goes one reader at a time. And that’s fine.

Ordained,’ a novel in three parts, has all the time in the world to be discovered and to find the readers who will be delighted by its humor and its story.

Once on the page

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Updates

Some writers know more than they are willing to entrust to the page.
Other writers know less than they are entrusting to the page.


The Wiled Years – A picture document of a life derailed.

Follow Stephen through his wiled years (not a spelling mistake), in full-color pictures. Aliens, trolls, chakras, and even a nostalgic visit to Finland.

This is a graphic novel, a cartoon, a humorous series of pictures, a superhero story. Not much text. Full color.

Nothing bad can be said about this book, other than maybe the price. It’s a 150-page color print and that jacks the CreateSpace price up. In other words, only the most die-hard of my fans will treat themselves to a copy of The Wiled Years. What can you say? The lucky few…

Wile: devious or cunning stratagem employed in manipulating or persuading someone to do what one wants.

This is a work of objective picture journalism. Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all names, characters, businesses, and incidents mentioned. Any offence offered to actual persons, living or dead, especially dead, is fully intentional.

Age recommendation: not really for anyone under 30. Not because there’s any nudity in the book (well, not much anyway) but because of the world-weary humor.

Please have a good laugh!


Get your rare copy here: http://www.amazon.com/Wiled-Years-Stephen-Muires/dp/1522737766/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2