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All three ‘Ordained’ books are available worldwide from: or
as well as AdLibris, Bokus, Barnes & Noble, BOL and more.
Author’s page: Stephen MuiresFrontWiledYearsFramed

Also check out Stephen’s picture book: The Wiled Years!

Ordained – a novel‘ is self-published through CreateSpace and is currently finding its readers. This will take some time, maybe years.

As a self-published book it has no automatic exposure in places where people look to find reading material (like bookshops). There are no marketing campaigns, no magazine reviews. The outward ripple goes one reader at a time. And that’s fine.

Ordained,’ a novel in three parts, has all the time in the world to be discovered and to find the readers who will be delighted by its humor and its story.

Once on the page

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Some writers know more than they are willing to entrust to the page.
Other writers know less than they are entrusting to the page.


The Wiled Years – A picture document of a life derailed.

Follow Stephen through his wiled years (not a spelling mistake), in full-color pictures. Aliens, trolls, chakras, and even a nostalgic visit to Finland.

This is a graphic novel, a cartoon, a humorous series of pictures, a superhero story. Not much text. Full color.

Nothing bad can be said about this book, other than maybe the price. It’s a 150-page color print and that jacks the CreateSpace price up. In other words, only the most die-hard of my fans will treat themselves to a copy of The Wiled Years. What can you say? The lucky few…

Wile: devious or cunning stratagem employed in manipulating or persuading someone to do what one wants.

This is a work of objective picture journalism. Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all names, characters, businesses, and incidents mentioned. Any offence offered to actual persons, living or dead, especially dead, is fully intentional.

Age recommendation: not really for anyone under 30. Not because there’s any nudity in the book (well, not much anyway) but because of the world-weary humor.

Please have a good laugh!


Get your rare copy here:



The winners of the give-away

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Here are the winners, drawn by using’s generator:
Bjorn Bohlin
Kersti Hofford
Julie Conaron
Congratulations, guys. I will be sending you a FB message to get your mailing address.

A murder (a black page)

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The year is 2000, the small town of Salem, Sweden, late in the evening. It’s Saturday night. A young man in a gray hoodie with a tight leather jacket over the top arrives at a bus stop on Säbytorgsvägen from a southwesterly direction. There is snow on the ground. He has ultra short black hair, a pale face. He is 17 years old. It is the same boy who a year earlier had spray-painted a black swastika on a church sign.

He is angry. Or afraid. It’s hard to tell. He keeps looking behind him.

With a short raising of his shoulders, like a boxer readying his stance, he stops to wait for the bus. He is headed for Tumba to take the train into Stockholm. The bus stop is next to some trees. There are no houses nearby.

A few minutes later a group of tall teenagers arrive from the same direction. There’s seven or eight of them. They are dark-skinned immigrants with fiery eyes, aggressive. An argument breaks out. It seems they have been looking for him. In their eyes he looks like a skinhead. An immigrant hater. The young Swede growls at them, not backing away. He is relying on his rage. The others surround him. One of them has a piece of wood. Hits him on the back of the head from behind. He falls to the ground. The others start kicking him. They shout, “Fucking racist!” and “Swedish bastard!”

A man comes running, also an immigrant. He is a little older than the rest, more muscular, wild-eyed. He carries a large kitchen knife. The others back off. They allow the new arrival to drag the boy face-down into the snow beside the road. He pins him down. With tremendous force stabs him in the back. Four blows. After the fourth time the knife breaks off. The attacker reaches forward, lifts up the head of the by now unconscious Swede. With a savage movement, using what remains of the blade, he cuts his throat.

The group quickly disperses. They leave their victim to die in the snow behind the bus stop.

(Sample chapter from Ordained: Part III Sweden)


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Gregory David Robert’s latest book is fully living up to expectations. It’s called The Mountain Shadow. Here’s a quote from Karla (one of the characters in the novel):

Religion is just a long competition to see who can design the silliest hat.


So true. Now if you’ve read Ordained, especially Part III Sweden, you’ll know that hats play no role in the Swedenborgian religion. However, chairs do.

Which is very apt.

Hats you put on your head, but chairs is where you plant your ass.